The Sideline Studio is intended to be a Launching Platform for your Sideline.  Our staff experts and the subscriber community are here to help you conceive an idea for a Sideline, estimate costs and revenue, develop a part-time work plan, gain additional management skills, launch a free website, secure a legal entity, and make corrections to your plan.  We are here to help support your approach to co-funding your education and career advancement.

Overcoming Fears of Starting a Sideline

Working List of Sidelines


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Crafting My Idea

  • Combining Passion with Needs
  • A Minimal Viable Idea
  • Roughly Estimating Profitability 
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Anticipating & Managing Problems

  • Handling Conflicts
  • Early Warning Signals
  • Measuring Success
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Start off Skills & Principles

  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication 
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Advanced Skills

  • Negotiating
  • Anticipating Threats/Opportunities
  • Learning From Others
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Useful and Not

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Sideline Management Skills:


Here are 6 Management Skills that can help you grow your Sideline. Broken into 48 components, they will also help you complete the Sideline Recipe that appears in Starting A Sideline.

Your life experiences have already provided you valuable practice at addressing all or most of these Management Skills and components. We invite you to review them, and the skill definitions. And to help identify current strengths and weaknesses by skill area, please do complete the attached 12 Applied Case Examples. As you identify possible weaknesses, please do refer to the Skill Tutorials that may help clarify what you need to do different or better as a budding Manager.

FYI – these skills were honed as part of an intensive training program each summer for 30 students that continue to run a successful waterfront recreation program serving thousands of children and adults.



 Sideline Tools          

 ? Student Sideline Recipe This downloadable

PDF can be printed to follow the steps to starting Sideline.

Please do use this Student Sideline Recipe as your Submission form for the Quarterly $1,000 Sideline Scholarship

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Ten Fears To Overcome When Starting a Business

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Successful Garage Update Service

I’m Betty, a self-proclaimed neatnik, when it comes to organization.  In walking to school down my alley, I pass house after house with clutter filled garages, that don’t appear to allow them to be used for anything except storing stuff.  I’m small statured but with...
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Handling Performance Issues With Your Sideline

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It doesn’t matter how many times entrepreneurs read their affirmations, the fears arise, challenging them every step of the way. Review this list of 10 things a business owner might fear and learn how it’s possible to overcome them. Related: Why Fear Is Your Ally in...
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Fundamental Leadership

The author poses a question about why were are sometimes “on” and at other times not on, when leading our business – including Sidelines. When we’re off its common to ask what ingredient or quality is missing at the moment that prevents us from excelling in our...
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A college student’s guide to Time Management – A Book by and for College Students

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Unobtrusive Measures of Success

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Sideline Skill Attributes Defined

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The Unmotivated Graduate – and reluctant Sideliner

In the many years I both taught college students and also supervised hundreds of young summer staff employees, there were many opportunities to talk with them about becoming “the graduate” and potentially being lost about which next step to take in their life.  Click...
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Furnace Filter Replacement Sideline

Summary:  My name is Robert.  By nature I’m pretty quiet and even shy.  The idea of starting my own Sideline was pretty petrifying – I grew up in a very reclusive family, and have generally not be a joiner.  I’m a good student in college, majoring in environmental...
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