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Managing Sideline Conflicts

Managing Differences As a Sideliner Probably sooner than later after starting your first Sideline, somebody you need to deal with will disappoint you. Conflicts can happen to Sideliners like: the company that is providing supplies fails to give you the promised...

College Students Biggest Worry: Money

College students biggest worries Feeling cash-strapped has real-world consequences for these kids: About a third said money worries led them to neglect their schoolwork, and nearly the same number cut back on their class load because they were worried about their...

Grit as the Key To Sideline Success

The key to success w Sidelines- Grit This teacher-psychologist, Angela, was baffled as a 7th grade math teacher about how little was the relationship between IQ smarts and performance in school. She became a psychologist and started actively studying teenage...

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