Sideliners and Scotomas1

by Sideline Teammates

Technically, a scotoma has to do with a “blind spot” in a person’s visual range, which is a relatively normal characteristic of any mammal’s eyes. Creatures with serious scotoma problems literally can’t see important objects in their field of sight. However, when figuratively applied to the management phenomenon of not seeing the whole picture of a given organizational problem, it takes on a special meaning. [more]

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The Unmotivated Graduate – and reluctant Sideliner

In the many years I both taught college students and also supervised hundreds of young summer staff employees, there were many opportunities to talk with them about becoming “the graduate” and potentially being lost about which next step to take in their life.  Click...
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Managing Change with your Sideline by Sideline Teammates

While we’re repeatedly told change is a good thing, it doesn’t always seem that way especially when we’ve put a lot of work into our small business activity and would like things to remain constant for a while longer . Click here for...
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House Sitting plus more

I’m Jo.  My husband Bob and I are both juniors in college, going full time, and taking part-time jobs. Bob is British and I was born in India; but we are both American citizens. Except for desperation, would have never considered doing a Sideline.  I’m in Education...
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It doesn’t matter how many times entrepreneurs read their affirmations, the fears arise, challenging them every step of the way. Review this list of 10 things a business owner might fear and learn how it’s possible to overcome them. Related: Why Fear Is Your Ally in...
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Applied Case Examples

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Problem Solving Techniques

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Unobtrusive Measures of Success

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Partially Successful Sideline – Beater Car Sale – With Numbers and a Pitfall

Summary:  Hey I’m Timmy – my friends call me “Timmy the Greaser”.  I like messing with old cars.  Have been this way for years.  I’m a senior in high school, pretty decent grades to get into a number of schools, and have no idea if I’m going to college, community...
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Student Tutoring Sideline

We are a group of four students at XX high school, which has a student body of almost 2,000 students.  We all had been student tutors at least one year for an existing student-to-student tutoring service, started by a kid who was two years older, and graduating.  He...
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Furnace Filter Replacement Sideline

Summary:  My name is Robert.  By nature I’m pretty quiet and even shy.  The idea of starting my own Sideline was pretty petrifying – I grew up in a very reclusive family, and have generally not be a joiner.  I’m a good student in college, majoring in environmental...
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