Science: You’re Better at Getting Over Failure Than You Think

So why not just go for it?


Sideliners typically have a few big dreams or at least some secret plans involving something they love to do – that other people want.

Stillman asks the question: why aren’t people pursuing their dreams? Her answer is fear of failure. We imagine ourselves falling flat on first try – and being regretful or embarrassed for ever trying. Why bother?

She points out that new research shows that people handle failure and embarrassment far better than we think. Dutch researchers found that imagined fear is way worse than real-life failure. Additionally British Psychological Society Researchers that people tend to overestimate the strength of their future emotions – In fact, People regret actions not taken more than one would think.

Kellogg School researcher Victoria Medvec found that people focus on what they failed to do, rather than what they actually did. Yikes! We tend to overestimate the emotional costs of failure and underestimate the effects of inaction.

Remedy: pursue your dreams today.

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