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Student Sidelines © is now available online as a proven approach for enabling students to self-fund many of their college expenses. Co-Founder of this new service, Dr. Jim Clark used this approach for over a decade as a module in Management courses at the University of Washington Business School. “Many, if not most of my students lacked confidence in their ability to self-fund simply because they had never done it. “ By mentoring them to individually or jointly start a small, part-time business, “student’s skills and confidence soared – and they had fun making money. “ Now this Sideline Success Recipe is available online in a community-driven format where students can help each other incrementally improve, while continuing to focus on school. Student Co-Founder, Sully observes that doing a Sideline isn’t at all like classroom assignments done for the teacher’s benefit, but rather “focuses on real responsibilities that directly benefit customers.“

This complimentary online service provides a collection of bite-sized tips and tools, presented through community discussion groups, and blog posts that appeal to young adults. It also safely connects students who share similar interests. Content Director, John-Arthur Ingram points out “Plenty of young adults are hungry to apply their own curiosity and initiative toward scalable business ideas – even if they have no initial classroom instruction in business management.” Thanks to Student Sidelines, it is possible to be fully involved in school, and develop a moneymaking sideline. The Recipe provides Management Skill tutorials and assessments. It shows students how to use lean business design tools that minimize up front costs, excessive time demands, and distress. Students are shown how to “learn like a student and earn like a boss” © though these resources:

  • Anonymous examples of sidelines provided by students around the country
  • Discussion forum to ask, get answers and comment on questions
  • Blog posts that highlight crucial insights and skills for contemporary business
  • Resources and tips for executing sidelines and appropriately involving parents
  • For a fee, professional business coaching customized to unique situations
  • Understandable descriptions and illustrations of critical management skills
  • Practice exercises and forum discussion opportunities to lock in skill development
  • Risk minimization recommendations – especially financial
  • An 8-step Recipe that guides students through development of their first Sideline
  • Ability to anonymously locate others students with similar Sideline interests
  • Opportunities for local community building with area experts and resources

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