article-2593459-1CB9C62400000578-41_634x553 - Version 3The key to success w Sidelines- Grit

This teacher-psychologist, Angela, was baffled as a 7th grade math teacher about how little was the relationship between IQ smarts and performance in school. She became a psychologist and started actively studying teenage performance.

What she learned was that teenagers who saw failure as a temporary state to be pushed past – or Grit – were much more likely to be successful in handling life challenges.

Her research found that Grit is about a “growth mindset”, in which stamina and perseverance in pursuing a goal, far outweighs IQ, school grades, test performance, or even Social IQ in determining success potential. In fact she found an inverse relationship between talent and grit – that people who had more talent often gave up on a goal much more quickly that people with far less talent but much more determination. She used a grit survey to help determine that people who score high in grit tend to treat life challenges as more like a marathon and less like a sprit to the finish line.

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