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1. an activity or passion done to earn extra income.

Simply put: Sidelines are part-time activities students ENJOY and are gaining skill at doing that customers want to buy. By joining Student Sidelines as an individual or small group, you will develop a potentially profitable part-time business, crafted from your own curiosity, ingenuity, and applied business management skills. Fun turned profitable!


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RobertHome Furnace Filter Repair Service – My name is Robert.  By nature I’m pretty quiet and even shy.  The idea of starting my own Sideline was pretty petrifying – I grew up in a very reclusive family, and have generally not be a joiner.  I’m a good student in college, majoring in environmental sciences.  I was intrigued from the Sideline List of Possibilities about starting my own home furnace filter repair service:  easy to do, minimal contact with people, environmentally friendly, potentially good money.  And I have time on my hands since school comes easy to me. Read more about it in the Extended Story.




Beater Car Resale – I’m Timmy – my friends call me “Timmy the Greaser”.  I like messing with old cars.  Have been this way for years.  I’m a senior in high school, pretty decent grades to get into a number of schools, and have no idea if I’m going to college, community college, or just getting off the world for a year or two.  Regardless, I decided to start a Sideline by buying and selling beater cars. Ok – so a beater car is a really bad looking car, but the engine is in good shape — its been poorly treated.  I can find beaters on Craigslist and other free places, check their compression, and then have a couple of friends clean up the inside and outside.  Then I turn around and sell a beater car for twice as much as I bought it – knowing the customer is getting a good car because the engine is in good shape. Makes me happy.  And this idea worked, sort of.  Read more in the Extended Story.


asian chinese girl having fun taiwan republic of china

Garage Update Service – I’m Betty, a self-proclaimed neatnik, when it comes to organization.  In walking to school down my alley, I pass house after house with clutter filled garages, that don’t appear to allow them to be used for anything except storing stuff.  I’m small statured but with 1-2 helpers could easily remedy neighbor garage messes in perhaps two to four hours of concentrated work.  So I decided to give it a shot by leaving a 3″x5” card describing my service and me. Read more in the Extended Story.


4 Students


Student Tutoring– We are a group of four students at XX high school, which has a student body of almost 2,000 students.  We all had been student tutors at least one year for an existing student-to-student tutoring service, started by a kid who was two years older, and graduating.   Extended Story.

Jo & Bob


House Sitting and more– I’m Jo. My husband Bob and I are both juniors in college, going full time, and taking part-time jobs. Bob is British and I was born in India; but we are both American citizens. Except for desperation, would have never considered doing a Sideline. I’m in Education and Bob in Forestry so “money-making” as a goal has never been on our radar screen. Extended Story.



Ballerina turned Corporate Entertainer – My name is Kippy.  From age 6 to 16 I increasingly became involved with ballet. Like lots of little girls, the dream of being Clara in a big-city Nutcracker ballet performance loomed as a goal for many of us in the dance classes.   Click here for the Extended Story.

Pursuing a Sideline


Story of a 15 Year Old girl Pursuing a Sideline – As a 15-year old girl, I wanted to make some of my own money, not necessarily to run out and spend it, nor even save it for something special. I just liked the idea of making my own money – Click here for the Extended Story.



 Getting Ideas from Others – Start a Courier Business – My friend Bo [not real name] played football at a top college, graduated, and gravitated to Las Vegas to have fun and make money for a while as a casino table dealer.     Click here to read the Extended Story.



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Is intended to be a Launching Platform for your Sideline.  Our staff experts and the subscriber community are here to help you conceive an idea for a Sideline, estimate costs and revenue, develop a part-time work plan, gain additional management skills, launch a free website, secure a legal entity, and make corrections to your plan.  We are here to help support your approach to co-funding your education and career advancement.


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